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“Now you see it. Now you don’t: I am drawn to reflections and the energy in movement, shapes, patterns and connectivity that show up in life danced between light and shadow”.

These are Anita’s takes in photography and in developing her prints she often works with only an abstraction of the photo frame, tweaking and dissolving the layers that mesmerize, soothe or ignite her imagination. The end result is sometimes so dissolved that it can almost have the qualities of a painting.


2020 “In Contemplation” solo exhibition, Gallery 508, World’s End, London

2017 ”7minds” pop-up group exhibition, Wildersgade, Copenhagen

2016 ”Eye of The Beholder”, Schillerhuset. Nannasgade Copenhagen

2009 “På Tværs” Reportage exhibition commissioned by BRF Kredit, now Jyske Bank. Kolding Medborgerhus, Denmark.

2009 Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

2009 Hillerød Kunstdage Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen

2008 ”Reflections” Hotel Kong Arthur, Copenhagen


2017 Kunstskolen Spektrum, summer school, Copenhagen

2016 Soul Art® Guide, Soul Art Studio, Laura Hollick, Canada

2015 Kunstskolen Spektrum, summer school, Copenhagen

2005 Kort og Dokumentarfilmskolen, Copenhagen

2001 Fatamorgana School of Photography, Copenhagen


Co-creation with people and capturing heartfelt moments through a camera has been Anita’s passion from a young age. Photography was continued to be her passion but was on the back burner for many years where she took the path of marketing, coordinating and managing projects in advertising, fundraising and film production. Eventually she successfully allowed more time for her photography until 2009 when circumstances required change until 2016 when she slowly returned to photography again. She has always had a strong sense of making dreams matter and to fully support her own journey and others’ she is certified Soul Art Guide and offers Creative Life Coaching.


Anita is British/Danish, born in London 1960. She was educated Copenhagen between childhood and working life in London. During this she also enjoyed longer periods of time in France and 3 years in Hong Kong until 1995 when she returned to Copenhagen. Since 2018 she moves and works in both Copenhagen and London.


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